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When a client is looking to clean up and bring consistency to their digital footprint we get very excited! While we work with many clients on "projects" we very much enjoy being a part of a larger effort.

When Ontario Beans came to REES + STAGER in 2017 we knew it would be a wonderful long-term relationship. Over the course of 3 years, we reshot their entire existing recipe library of 130+ recipes, created new and appetizing bean recipes, produced tantalizing cooking videos, and created a 12-part series of fun and engaging animated recipe stills. All this effort cumulated in a complete website design in the Fall of 2020. Both their consumer and trade-facing website received an overhaul in order to align with their fresh, new "Better with Beans" brand. The new website not only allows visitors to easily peruse the recipe library and get inspired to cook with beans but allows the in-house team at Ontario Beans to manage the back-end of the website - something they have never been able to do!

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"REES + STAGER IS my go-to agency when it comes to recipes and social media. I am always confident when starting a new project with REES + STAGER because I know the team will be on top of things. It takes that extra weight off my shoulders of having to be on the ball all the time. I know R+S has got my back when I hand over a project to them. Would you recommend R+S to other businesses looking to improve their branding and marketing? A resounding yes! In my experience, they always go over and above what they promise to deliver."
Jennifer Mitchell, Project Manager, Ontario Bean Growers
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