Search Engine Optimization

When you search for a product or service online, how often do you go past the first page of results? Research shows that the first five search results account for 67% of consumer clicks. This organic traffic gives businesses a huge boost, in terms of both rankings and revenue. If you aren’t already on the SEO bandwagon, it’s time to jump on! REES + STAGER has years of experience with SEO, from its evolution to where it is now, so we can design the optimal SEO campaign for you. 

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What Is Online Reputation Management? 

Your online reputation is the perception people have of your business. As a consumer, anything on the internet can be an influence, and you want to make sure that your story is a good one. Reputation management is how you control this story. 

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To Start With, What Is Search Engine Optimization?

In simple terms, SEO is the process of helping your brand rank higher online. It can be your website, your social media, or any piece of content. The ultimate goal of SEO is to improve your brand’s positioning on search engines, by optimizing the way it exists online. Your SEO strategy isn’t something that you implement once and then reap the rewards—it’s a process made from combined strategies, tools, and best practices. 

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

The majority of online searches (75 percent!) happen on search engines like Google. If your business is available online, SEO is absolutely essential to find success. SEO is the cornerstone of increasing organic traffic online. Without SEO, you might suffer from:

Lack of Online Visibility

Lower Traffic to Websites or Socials

Not Ranking on Search Engines

Lesser Leads and Conversions

What Are the Factors That Go into SEO?

You might have heard about the Google algorithm before. Notorious for constantly changing, this algorithm is your key to SEO success. Certain ranking factors go into how this algorithm perceives your business, and your SEO strategy needs to tackle all of them. 

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the content on your website or other pages. Optimizing this content through keywords, high-quality content, and descriptive meta titles and descriptions can greatly improve your rankings. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO on the other hand isn’t directly in your hands, as it’s mostly about getting backlinks and influencing your rankings by creating share-worthy content. 

Technical SEO

When it comes to your website, investing in technical SEO optimization is the way to go. Focusing on website speed, architecture, mobile optimization, and the overall user experience will place your website higher on the rankings. 

What REES + STAGER Can Do for You

How to Maintain Your Results

Search engine optimization is a long-term process. Positioning your brand and establishing it as an industry leader takes time and continuous effort, as well as an understanding of changing trends and algorithms. At REES + STAGER, we excel in looking at the big picture, while considering the smallest of details. If you want a comprehensive SEO strategy built to last, we’re the agency for you. 

We’re ready when you are! Your goals are right around the corner.