Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council

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Waterloo Region Crime Preventions Council (WRCPC) is made up of 40 diverse sector leaders from the community who pool together their perspectives, knowledge, networks and resources to create a deeper community commitment to prevention through public education, community development and evidence-based decision making for the Region of Waterloo. Together they strive to shift the focus of crime prevention upstream, building a community foundation where all citizens experience safety and wellbeing equitably.

Over almost a decade of working together we've supported WRCPC by creating everything from postcards to pins, reports to videos, social graphics to website landing pages, and everything in between. Whether we're working on a new campaign logo, copywriting or designing print material we always ensure everything for WRCPC is consumable and accessible to a broad audience.

Recently we created infographics and reports to visually represent their new ground breaking initiative on advancing safe supply. Given the stigma associated with and the seriousness of the subject matter, the designs had to be inclusive and sensitive while still being impactful and compelling. The clean yet bold design allows the key messaging to stand out and supports WRCPC’s effort to re-define the narrow and traditional views of safety, criminalization, and people who use drugs.

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