Top Marketing Trends 2022

December 8, 2021
Top Marketing Trends 2022

As we look ahead to 2022, you might be feeling the rush to get your marketing plans in order. So many tactics, so little time!

Before you finalize those plans and rubber stamp them, we have 5 emerging trends that you might want to consider incorporating into your 2022 marketing activities.

Create Interactive Content

Interactive content is the future. It's crucial for any brand trying to build and sustain itself to create unique, engaging content.

If you're going to create killer content, use the technology platforms that support your brand message throughout the entire content creation process.

Some examples of interactive content you can incorporate into your marketing strategy include quizzes and gamification of assets on your website. Why not also take advantage of interactive features on social media, such as Instagram polls, or perhaps start sharing photo stickers?

When you make your content more interactive, you could benefit from:

Use AI Chatbots (Conversation Marketing)

What is conversational marketing, and how can AI chatbots help? With the increasing sophistication of AI, these powerful tools can accomplish things that were once impossible. Not to mention they take those small tasks off your plate!

Marketers want to develop a stronger, long-term relationship with their customers by having one-on-one conversations with them. These types of conversations help conversions and increase customer loyalty — but unlike human marketers that require rest, chatbots are available to assist customers 24/7.

Some ways AI chatbots can help your marketing campaign include:

Produce Engaging Videos

Video marketing is only increasing in importance and popularity. If you are looking for ways to capture people’s interest and educate them about your brand so they can get excited about your products, video marketing is the way to go.

A great video should include these key components:

Market with Inclusivity and Diversity

Forbes Magazine reports that 38% of customers are more likely to trust brands that display a diverse advertising strategy. 64% of customers say they have acted after seeing a diverse or inclusive advertisement, and 71% say they would be willing to spend more on a brand they deem trustworthy.

As you can see, inclusive marketing and customer trust go hand in hand, so represent your audience well, and you will find they reward you with their hard-earned dollars or with a social share or referral.

Harness the Power of Email Marketing

Wondering why email marketing is on the list of trends to look out for in 2022? Because email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective ways to land a sale and engage with your customers.

The difference this time around is how you compose your email. In recent years, personalization has taken off. From customizing the name on the email to tailoring product offerings, you want to make your content speak to your customer’s interests as effectively as possible to get them to click through and make a purchase.

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