The Value of Working With a Marketing Agency to Build Your Website

February 24, 2020
The Value of Working With a Marketing Agency to Build Your Website

When looking to build, or rebuild your website, you have 3 main options: you could buy and populate a template, hire with a freelancer or you could work with a marketing agency. 

No surprise here, but we want to talk to you about the value of working with a marketing agency.

1. Working with an agency provides an all-encompassing experience.

From the initial discovery session to the moment we hit “launch” on your website, working alongside an agency provides an all-encompassing, full-service experience. You have access to a variety of talent and skills under one roof, from brand specialists, designers, developers, copywriters and marketers. While working with a freelancer would surely save you a couple of coins, the real value of working with an agency is having a whole team of talented experts developing your project from ideation through to execution. All this expertise leads to better, more effective work. You want your website to be effective, otherwise, what’s the point?

2. Working with an agency is secure.

At REES + STAGER, we have over 15 years of happy website clients, an understanding of the latest technologies and secure networks, software and systems, and a tried + true process. While a freelancer can get the job done, many don’t have systems in place, often have very little security in their home and on their computers, and most don’t have any sort of business insurance. What happens to your deposit and the work in progress if they fall ill, or stop responding to your emails etc? Sadly, we’ve seen this happen more than once. Working with a reputable agency ensures that your website and your hard-earned money is secure and in trusted hands.

3. Working with an agency means having a trusted partner for growth and scale.

The way we see it, the website is the initial toe-dip into an entire pool of growth. At REES + STAGER we help our clients grow and scale their businesses by being their trusted partner throughout their entire business journey. Say you’re a boutique hotel - we would outfit your lobby and elevators, create engaging signage, take care of your stationery needs and all of the small, but impactful details that keep in mind consumer experience and branding. Hiring a freelancer to build your website limits you to one skillset, whereas an agency is a longterm partner for future growth. 

REES + STAGER partners with tastemakers, ground breakers and changemakers across North America. Interested in working with a driven and thoughtful team of creatives to build your website (and beyond)? Give us a call at 519-721-2248 or send us an email to get started.

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