Customer Feedback is the Key to Business Success

January 27, 2021
Customer Feedback is the Key to Business Success

Most of our clients decide to work with a marketing/branding company because they want to improve their business and often need help with one the following:

Regardless of the goal, one answer is already at hand, and yet almost every business under-utilizes their most valuable business asset: their current clients.

When we work on a business or marketing strategy, the first question we ask is about the habits, interests and preferences of a brand’s current clients. Many businesses (large or small) can’t actually answer this question with confidence. Business and marketing decisions have been based on assumptions about their customers, rather than actual market research. So if this is how you are running your business right now, we get it. But also, stop it.

Asking for feedback from existing customers should be an ongoing activity since they can offer insight into almost every part of your business, and help you make it better. While we all love getting positive reviews, we understand that opening up the conversation and asking for an honest assessment of your product, customer service, marketing materials or processes can be intimidating. But if you want to improve, grow, or become more profitable, you need to be willing to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.

Types of Market Research Questions

What sort of questions should you be asking? We like to think in 3 categories: past, present and future. Market research questions to ask clients or customers should include:

Questions about their past experience (acquisition, customer service, experience with product, etc)

Questions about their current experience (usage, likes/dislikes, current brand loyalty)

Questions about the future (referral, wish lists, additional offerings)

Collecting the Data

You can collect answers through in-person interviews, online customer surveys, short surveys over social media, chatbots on your website, etc. Depending on how deep you want to go with their responses, and the length of time it might take to provide the feedback, offering an incentive can be a good idea (enter them into a draw to win a gift card or offer up a %-off discount code). 

Also, be sure to ask for a public review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon or any industry-specific 3rd party websites where customers can leave reviews.

And of course, don’t just ask all your favourite clients, be sure to ask new or non-regulars, or even lost customers for their feedback, as this way you will clearly identify any gaps in your product/service and find opportunities for improvement.

Looking to talk with your clients, but would like an expert to help craft your questions or collect the feedback? We’d be happy to help. Continuous improvement? We love it!

Reach out and let’s get started. 

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