5 Essential Ingredients for an Effective Website

February 24, 2020
5 Essential Ingredients for an Effective Website

Did you know that an outdated (or nonexistent) website can actually cause you to lose customers? That’s right. You probably know that a dated website isn’t doing you any favours. But, a poorly written and designed site may be turning potential customers off your brand before they reach your contact information. Plus, an outdated site is a big no-no for Google.

When we work on a new website for our clients, we always incorporate the following ingredients (and a few more!) into our process. Have a look through. Does your current website check all of these boxes?  If not, it may be time for a website redesign.

Go Custom

Website templates make it easy to have a trendy website, but there isn’t a lot of differentiation, strategy or customization that’s involved with a generic template and users can tell. A happy website user often becomes a happy customer so the foundation of your website matters. Based on your overall business objectives and goals, we will create a custom design site with insightful, appealing content that will set you miles apart from your competition and convert website visitors into customers.

Don’t bury the lead!

No matter what, make it easy for your customers to buy from you and get in touch. Include your phone number, email address, business address, directions and links to all social media channels (as long as they are current and managed) in obvious locations. This information should be easily accessible from any point on your site. A team of professional digital marketers can help you develop a clear strategy to ensure all of the critical details of your business are included. We are pros at writing FAQs, process highlights, unique call-to-actions and clever bios about your staff!

Pro tip: Be sure to let the true personality behind your business shine through. People are the backbone of any business and customers like to see the human side of the brands, businesses and services they’re interested in. A great way to do this is through tone in your website copy. Remember, your tone should be consistent across all of your marketing channels and social media. We walk our clients through a brand tone exercise before the copywriting begins.

Beautiful imagery + video

Whether your business is offering a product or service - rich, quality photos and videos get and keep the attention of web users. Invest in at least one professional video and professional photography of your staff, products, storefront, equipment, etc. so everything about your business is captured in the best light, showing off the true quality of your products and services.

Leverage social proof

Show your audience you have what it takes by sharing amazing feedback from your current customers. Testimonial snippets and testimonial web pages go the distance when it comes to establishing trust and growing social clout. You can easily pull feedback from Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Trip Advisor etc. or directly from your customers. People want to work with businesses + brands who do good work. Show how good your work is by sharing the feedback you get and don’t make potential customers search for it!


If users can’t quickly access the information they are looking for, or can’t load your info, they will immediately leave your page. Because users care, so do search engines. Google and other search engines will factor your website speed into their rankings and those rankings mean visitors. You will also want to work with a professional and trustworthy web host for your website to ensure your website speed is strong. Is your current site load lagging? It’s time for a change.

Don’t forget the call-to-action

Whatever you do, don’t forget the call-to-action (or CTA in marketing speak). Let your visitors know what the next step is. Should they check out your process, reference documents, follow you on social media channels, read testimonials or book a consultation? How about sign up for your newsletter or attend an event? Every page of your website should have a clear and concise call to action so visitors know where to go once they’re done gathering the info they’re looking for on your site.

After reading through our list of key ingredients for an effective website, does your current website have what it takes to keep existing customers and earn new ones? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to talk to a team of integrated marketers who are highly experienced with website copywriting, development and design. Hey wait a minute, that’s us!! Give us a call at 519-721-2248 to chat. (See what we did there? That’s a clear CTA!)

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