Menno S. Martin Contractor Ltd.

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After 70+ years in business, Menno S. Martin Contractor Ltd. came to us wanting a full rebrand, which can feel a risky undertaking for any company. They needed to appeal to a younger, less ‘traditional-only’ type audience while retaining their reputation for quality workmanship, service and old-time mastery with their existing network. We were happy to help!

Even after 8 years, this brand is still feeling fresh and relevant, and we've had the best time working with their team on many fun initiatives. Not only did we take their entire team through the rebranding process (team buy in is so important), over the years since we have run fully integrated marketing campaigns across print, web, social media, and company materials with the same cohesive messaging and branding. Their quality of calls and inquiries has increased significantly, which was their main goal, and they feel very well represented and present within the community at all times, which is exactly what effective branding and marketing should accomplish.
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The rebranding was a huge success. When we approached REES + STAGER we hadn't zeroed in on exactly what we needed. Gillian really helped us fine tune that and come up with strategy and aesthetics. We have more visibility in the community now. We've been around for 70 years, but now we have even more presence, we wouldn't have gotten there doing it on our own.
Trent bauman
Owner, Menno S. Martin
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